Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stop flashing me.

Morocco is the land of no daytime running lights on cars. Lights are for pitch dark, when you need them. Duh. When you drive around in a US made car that has daytime running lights, or you're like me and turn your lights on when it's overcast, you will elicit the profound concern of strangers. They are not shy about sharing their concern. People driving by will flash their lights at you, people walking will make hand gestures that your lights are on, try to stop you, say things to you. You name it. They don't understand the need for lights during the day. And they won't stand for it.

However, crossing three lanes of traffic with no turn signal and cruising into position 3 inches from your front bumper? No problem.

I see other ex-pat/US embassy types driving with their lights on during the day, and I sympathize. Sadly, car light Nazis are the least annoying thing about driving in Morocco. Driving here is like playing Grand Theft Auto, without the car theft and guns.

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